S.A.M. Hitch: A series of dis jointed events

A series of dis jointed events

Sep 12 2007 at 09:23am
Today was eclectic in the number of events that took place.
Random, non related.
Exhausting, but somehow I felt like stuff got done.

So I woke up at 5:17, realized I had an hour to sleep so I kicked the puppy out of my room and went to bed.
Not as easy as it sounds she decided to play gofer and turn my blankets into a maze of tunnels and a bloody labyrinth could not be that confusing to navigate.
So passed out.
Alarm went off 6:17am
6:19 look at clock going oh shit it is about to go off again and I need to get up and take a leak, and get ready, I realize I have 7 more minutes and pass back out.
Alarm goes off wake up get ready.
I think the news is on in the living room.
Mom goes, I go to the comp to do something stupid.
My dad comes out of the bedroom and gets lost and thinks the living room is his bedroom.
He starts going off about how people leave his bedroom light on and it is waisting electricity I yell back saying your in the Damn living room, and you bloody well know when I leave I turn the light off.
I think I hurt him, I should stop that, his having alzetimers(sic) is no excuse for being short with him, I guess right now a short temper is my biggest flaw, lack of sleep/anything to do to blow off steam probably does not help.
So I get my motorcycle jacket on and then remember I need a book, since I am wearing a long sleeve under I am getting hotter by the minute, then remember I need my winter gauntlets even hotter.
Get out on the road and cool off.
My mind goes blank and the motions of my bike put me in a state where I am aware of my surroundings yet don't care or don't have to think.
It is only a short escape, because I look at the clock and run times of daily things through my head, have to call a friend they left a V-mail will the walk to class be enough.
Have to do homework in between classes, which to do physics or calculus, have a lab to do, oh I can do the excel at school.
Eat I should really eat sometime in there.
Get to school park, throw gloves in under seat hold lock, bloody hell forgot my helmet, unlock hold put helmet away rip open jacket getting hot, put on sun glasses.
Walk return call, it is short, buy a naked juice orange juice, almost bought the wrong one, bloody things there are like three strains of OJ with other flavors now a days.
Go to class, learn as best I can, I understand the concepts but I will need lots of work on it E&M is harder than I remember, fun though I have to study for a change(beats taking classes I can sleep through).
Class is out I think I asked Dr. Doty something but I really can't remember anymore.
Go to SPS break room, check email, myspace.
Go get Panda Express for breakfast.
Back to SPS room and eat, some poor kid comes in asking when tutoring is.
I say we have part of the schedule up, put your email on the list(My brilliant idea from last week with so many poor soul needing help), he says “So there is no one here to help me”

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