S.A.M. Hitch: Leave my childhood alone

Leave my childhood alone

Aug 10 2007 at 01:52am
Evil, just plain evil.
They are remaking the Bionic woman.
She is not tall, not blond and they messed up one of her powers.
Yup she has they eye.
Wrong, as eviendced in her first appearance she has the ear.
Story she is the 6 million dollar mans GF.
She gets in car crash.
She gets legs, arm (opposite to his) and ear.
He has legs, arm and eye.
They need to steal russian plans from big vault 6 mil man says we can break it down.
Bosses says no they need to be subtle and it is a chance to feild test her new ear.
End of story.
So leave my childhood alone.

On a good note the Get Smart movie looks like it is done correctly.

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