Sarahtdl: Kidnapping Is Just Plain Wrong: Why Geek Love is a lot like “The Tick” part 3

Kidnapping Is Just Plain Wrong: Why Geek Love is a lot like “The Tick” part 3

Jul 24 2007 at 09:20am
Love is the plunge. You have to be willing to become both the Tick and Arthur. Take plunges. Have that optimistic outlook, even if it’s not always realistic. Use logic, and be cautious sometimes, but also be willing to take that chance you never thought you could. You don’t need to beat the Deadly Bulb; you only need to be brave enough to talk to the person you’ve noticed, and want to know better. That’s the good news…..fantasies aside, we don’t have to be superheroes. No alien invasions on this planet. No Pokebattles. All you have to do is be brave enough to say “I’m cool enough to do this. I’m cool enough to be me.”

In the end, that was what made both Tick and Arthur alike: They were both themselves. Tick was not embarrassed to be weird, but loveable. Arthur was shy, and hesitant, but he didn’t apologize for being an accountant, or pudgy in his moth suit. He was Arthur. He didn’t need a second identity, and neither did Tick. That’s why we fans loved them.

That’s what I think makes Geek love the best. That’s what I told all the guys at that panel. Be who you are. If the person you like doesn’t like who you are, move on. You can’t change, and you can’t create love by pretending to be something else. I love my husband for the gamer, science-minded, pop-culture geek he is. And he loves me for being the Geek girl I am. I wouldn’t change him for the world. And that is the vital keystone of love. Geeks are the best to be lovers, because we already have cast off the worry of what the world thinks of us, and embraced the fandoms and creativity we love for the world to see. What you see is what you get.

So don’t try to hide that to impress the Harry Potter you met at the con rave. That Gothic Lolita was smiling because she liked what you said at the Mythology workshop! Act on those meetings! Be yourself, and one of these times you’re going to look up from your D20 and find yourself smiling at that cute guy across from you behind the GM screen and have a moment where all you want to do is call out “SPOON!”

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