2LDK: For gamers out there

For gamers out there

Nov 25 2015 at 09:36pm
Does anyone play the Nintendo 3ds at all? If you do and you play games like pokemon and tri force heroes, hit me up. Always down for making new gaming friends. Also will be getting a Xbox one sometime in the future. Another thing...happy thanksgiving y'all

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  • Dec 30 2016 at 07:53pm
    Pokemon Moon now
  • Aug 30 2016 at 03:51pm
    You I have a 3DS and I play Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire. But as for the newer gaming systems, I have the ps4.
  • Jul 5 2016 at 06:39pm
    I play Pokémon semi regularly, most if I feel like breeding or e.v. training. Would not say I have tournament competitive types, but I certainly can give people a run for their money if I survive the opening salvo,lol. Online games I frequent are star wars battle front. Ff14, and overwatch (the most frequented) at present


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