DoctorWhoGirl: Baring my soul

Baring my soul

Aug 13 2015 at 01:48pm

 So, I haven't done the online dating thing in about 13 years. The first time I was 23, a size 8, and really pretty hot. Let's just say things have definitely changed!


This time I'm 37, and I'm carrying, easily, about 50 extra pounds. A month ago, it was 60 extra pounds, but I stopped eating out and I stopped eating sugar (including bread and pasta), and so I started losing weight pretty quickly. I'm pretty convinced that no one wants to date the "fat girl". However, it's hard to take offense to that. I don't identify as the "fat girl", because I've never really been fat before. I didn't grow up fat, so I was never teased about it. This is a new thing. And it feels completely under my control and temporary. However, I can already see, on this site and the other than I am a member of, that it's true: guys just don't wanna date fatties. Even fat guys! (And I like me a good hunk of meat kind of guy.) It's a damn shame.

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  • Sep 30 2015 at 04:42am
    Don't change for someone else. Do it for yourself to be healthier and have more energy and easier to find clothes, etc. I have gone up and down on the weight scale. Losing weight didn't lead to instant love. Hopefully we can find someone who loves us for our inner selves and not the outward gift wrapping.
  • Sep 24 2015 at 03:14pm
    Isn't that the damn truth. dating someone online even 6 years ago was easy. Now sorry to say but its just one big cluster fuck. no one gives you the time of day anymore everyone is just superficial you could make a million dollors but is you don't have that photo shop smile and hips people wont even look at you. its way worse with the females. I myself am on 3 dating sites and not one damn decent looking female said hi or even respond when you write them. its all just bs now.


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