AngelusDeLaNoir: Why is it so damned hard to meet people to kick it with?

Why is it so damned hard to meet people to kick it with?

Aug 5 2015 at 05:04pm

I mean, yeah. I know I'm an INTJ. I know that I can be down right anti-social. I know that it isn't the easiest of things to gain admittance to my world. But seriously! I mean, I try to put myself out there from time to time. I try to start conversations even though it is a damnably difficult thing for me to do. Hell, I love convo, but I royally suck at getting them started. But I digress. I mean, I had hopes that I would be able to come in contact with some people through this site that share some of my geeky preferences and interests, but I have had nearly no luck at all. It doesn't help that I regularly forget about this site. i know that. Still, there have to be people out there to chit chat with, hang with, and indulge in geeky or non-geeky pursuits. It never hurts to make more friends. It's even better to find people to date who share your interests.

C'est la vie. I guess I'll just keep trying.

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  • Mar 25 2017 at 03:11am
    I got the same thing going on. I keep forgetting about this site and I try to get in touch with people that live near me. But I don't get any response.
    By the way great saying my family says it all the time


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