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Otakon 2015

Jul 23 2015 at 08:07am

Hello Everyone!  

First time blogging, and Im not sure if anyone will actually read this, but I feel like sharing anyway.

I'm heading out to Otakon in Baltimore Md. this saturday...and I am super excited about it. Unfortunately I can only make it for saturday and sunday, but I intend to make the most of it. After the last screenings in the wee hours of the morning I'm thinking I may hit the hot tub/sauna to work off the day long hard "nerding" that I plan to put in. On the monday I return home, I've signed up for a event that seems really cool. Introduction to swords...I'm already having crouching tiger and kill bill visions. I hope it's as fun as I imagine it to be. Anyway I will take some pictures of both events to share. Until we meet again...


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  • Aug 31 2015 at 10:22pm
    Thank you for the nerd credits!!!!


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