AngelusDeLaNoir: Phoenix Comic Con

Phoenix Comic Con

Jun 6 2015 at 07:32pm

So, I actually spent last weekend in Phoenix. In the heat. In the massive crowds. To partake of Phoenix Comic Con for the first time. I have been to SDCC. I have been to WonderCon. I have been to Star Wars Celebration. I have even been to Anime Expo. But this was the first time that I made the trip out to Phoenix to see what their con was like.

It was a surprisingly good time. The panels were basically all run by fans. The guests were totally my kind of people and they made the environment far more comfortable than SDCC has become. And It was just a load of fun to see for the first time an Artist Alley that routinely stayed as packed if not more so than the rest of the exhibit hall floor. Besides that, more than just comic book geeks showed up to represent. I saw everything from anime cosplayers to whovians to full on steampunk gearheads. It was awesome.

Will I go back again next year? That's a good question. I don't really know. I mean, I had a good time and it was my first time attending the event, but unless I hear about something major taking place or I happen to know a bunch of other people that will be going, I don't think I would venture back for it.

What's next? What's next? I know Amazing Las Vegas is later this month. And, of course, AX and SDCC are next month. Hmm... what is next on the list of first time adventures?

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