Deleted Member: Ahhh Life~

Ahhh Life~

May 20 2015 at 07:48pm

Summer is here! As are some changes to my life! For one: I'm totally leaving the Art Institute. I won't go into it much but basically I'm done and fed up. That that there's talk about a bunch of them shutting down and lawsuits. So I'm getting out while I can. I don't feel too horrid about not getting my degree. That's how the oldies did it, there was no such degree back then, it was all self taught knowledge. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. The most valuable thing that came out of going to this college was the knowledge and the connections I made. Thus, I plan to self study and maintain my industry relationships. Also, what's better than a degree imo is a marketed game with your name on it. Soooo, I am working on a lil something too. Nothing crazy, just a platform game, 2D mostly etc. But if I could get it on Steam... Also I have a buddy who is working on another game which I am helping concept and the prop modeling. He's super serious about it so I'm all pumped to help out and hopefully once we got a big portion of it done we may get some funding or something!


Anyways! there's that, I've mainly been busy with school and wrapping things up in Seattle. I have to move back to Whidbey Island, get a job there... ugh isolation. But it's just until I can save up enough to go back to the city. It may take a year or so but I'm motivated. 

That aside, I'm going to enjoy my summer! Me and the Dad are super pumped about pink salmon season. We have a small boat that we go crabbing on so we're gonna catch all the food!!! :D

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