AngelusDeLaNoir: Geeks and freaks in the Inland Empire

Geeks and freaks in the Inland Empire

May 5 2015 at 04:11pm

What the hell happened? I remember just a few years back that I could pick out a few places on several different nights of the week to go to and hang with my people. My people being freaks and geeks of all kinds: Rivetheads, ravers, whovians, trekkies, browncoats, metalheads, etcetera. And yet now, unless I'm willing to spend minimum 3 hours round trip on the road, there isn't a single damned place that I can find on the regular to hang out in the evenings and mingle with my people.


What happened to nightlife in the IE? Where did it all go? As regularly as myself and other people I know/knew frequented the local spots, they can't all have gone under due to lack of business, but each and every one of them has closed up shop. I know of places in LA, Hollywood, San Diego, and their immediate suburbs to go, but man, it sucks to spend 3 hours or more on the road to spend maybe 3 hours in a venue if I'm lucky. Gotta find ways to get out. Gotta find new local places to go. Gotta find more fun and interesting people that I can just be myself around and have a good time.

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  • May 5 2015 at 05:32pm
    Yet another reason why I'm glad I left San Bernardino.


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