AngelusDeLaNoir: What the hell happened to February

What the hell happened to February

Apr 29 2015 at 03:34pm

I remember the year beginning. I remember the first couple of months. I have no freaking clue what happened to March or April. I mean, sure, things have been a little bit busy, but I never thought that I could lose track of two whole months. 

Granted. I was working 7 days a week and like 70-80 hours for nearly 6 weeks. Granted. Con season just started up and I have found myself the con buddy to a guy who runs an independent comic book company and ends up at every con and keeps ridiculously busy through the entirety of the convention. But seriously? What happened to March and April.

I find myself busier than I ever expected to be and totally lacking in the meeting of new people all at the same time. No clue how that one works out. I need conversations. I need to meet up with people for coffee or drinks or something. I need to get out and do something other than convention after convention. Despite the fact that I am enjoying them.

WonderCon was a good time this year. Exhausting beyond belief, but it was a hell of a fun time. Star Wars Celebration was a first for me. It was the first time I had ever been to a convention that was purely focuesed on one particular portion of pop culture. It too was a heck of a good time. The energy, the costumes, the news that came out of panels and presentations. It was totally worth it. I'd do it again.

Still... Even a geek must chat, meet, hang at coffee shops with new friends or hit bars with a date here and there. I'm missing out on those things.

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  • May 5 2015 at 04:13pm
    Hahaha. I didn't miss any time for Avengers. Okay, so there was a week or so in there immediately preceding the release that was lost to the anticipation and the excitement. And hey, there is still Episode 7 in December. That should be something to fill the gap until Batman V Superman. Or Ant-Man. Or something. I know there is some worthwhile stuff coming in between.
  • Apr 30 2015 at 06:23pm
    I just missed those two months for the Avengers, and then I'm sure I'm gonna miss the next 11 months for Batman V Superman.


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