SeaQueen: I'm not really into older guys

I'm not really into older guys

Apr 27 2015 at 09:26pm

As the title says, I understand there are old fan-guys who are looking and don't care about age differences but I do. Being in my early 20's I am not up for dating someone who is in their 30+ years of  their lives. Taboo on my part but mostly because I was raised that you should date someone in your own age range and not be someone else's midlife crises fling. I mean sure it works out for others but for me I personally couldn't do it.

So please  guys, spare yourselves the trouble and not message me if you're past 30. I only talk/date to men who are between 21 and 28. Yes it's nearly a 6 to 7 year difference but I prefer to keep it close. Maybe when I start pushing my late 20's early 30's then I'll start dating older men but for now I prefer to keep it on the safe side.

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