Annabuu2812: I didn't mean to disappear

I didn't mean to disappear

Apr 27 2015 at 02:11pm

It is good to be back in the world.

A very quick update about myself: In February I left my medical coding and billing career because I realized it isn't the right path and life for me.  I have always been a writer and I didn't want my creative side to be suppressed and suffocated.  So now, I am a writer and I will STAY a writer.  I will be doing some non-fiction writing, such as copywriting and article/essay writing. I'l like to at least write science fiction or fantasy on the side.

I am also returning to my robot blog, Cybernetic Dreams.  My robot blog is now more important to me than ever before.  I've kept it since June 2010 and I plan to revive it.  I gotta get back to my video game blog too, though. laugh

Ahh, I feel better updating about my current situation.  I am happier and healthier for returning to what I should have been doing all along, which is writing.  Also, I'll be super busy still because I got a new dog, and she is still learning about the rules at home. More dog training is still ahead.

One last thing... besides robots,  I now have two other specific obsessions.  Transformers,  and Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic, Shadow and Silver the hedgehogs).

Maybe I"ll update my SoulGeek blog at least once a month if not more. I dunno.indecision


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