Deleted Member: Now I know what Han and Chewie feel like.

Now I know what Han and Chewie feel like.

Apr 15 2015 at 06:01am

So I occasionally dabble in the world of automotive transmission repair. Mostly I will fix one for a friend or maybe a stranger as the prelude to starting a friendship. Transmissions are complex, but logical, and cleanliness is next to Face of Boe- liness. Mostly I do a pretty good job and it makes me want to do it professionally, it pays really good money. Then.....the hyperdrive fails. I just finished one of the easiest and most straight forward units on the planet and it doesn't work ! Took it apart and did it again... No joy ! Started with a fresh unit and still can't get a working unit. What gives ? I have done this type before, and often too. Must be the Force knows I want to switch from doing this out of the kindness of my heart to the capitalist mode of earning a living. I hearby declare I will only repair mechanical things for free or the betterment of the Human race ! Bet you the damn thing will work this time !

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