AlphaQ23: My Day Today Cause It's important you read it.

My Day Today Cause It's important you read it.

Apr 10 2015 at 11:31pm

Dear Today,

You have happened in my life for the first time and the last time. I wish I got to know you better but I feel like that is only possible for 24 hours. It is not enough information to get all that I could learn from you since I will be asleep for a good portion of those 24 hours... Probably 5 of them.. I woke up with you today and I will fall asleep with you today. But Tomorrow you will be a memory of my past untill I forget that you were there. We did crazy stuff togeather and necissary stuff, As well as Moments we didn't know we were near. I just want you too know, Today, That tomorrow I will treat as if it was you. Do not take it Personally for Its not quite the same. But Tomorrow must be a new Today.



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