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Just joined up

Mar 22 2015 at 07:58pm

Well after a lonely month on Geek2Geek, I decided to cancel and come here, seeing as my $5.99 payment didn't get too terribly far. Soulgeek seems to have a better setup, but there isn't any activity here. That chatroom is deathly quiet, the forums get a post from a random newcomer maybe once a month. The admins of the site seem to update the cons page and, rarely, the dating advice blog, but there is no interaction with the newcomers. Even a simple, 'Welcome to the site!' sort of message, whether in the forums to comfort those who think it's a little too quiet, or just someone contacting you at all, would be nice. It wouldn't be hard with the apparently slow stream of new people, that's for sure. I mean, go look at the forum, really now. The post with the most replies is titled 'Is this site dead?' Ouch, that really stings.


I'm starting to get a dreaded feeling of this whole thing. Like most people who turn the big three-oh, I'm old enough to love and respect myself, but find that finding a significant other, one who is as nerdy as me, is a nearly impossible task. I do consider this site a desperate measure. At the start of this year, I decided I'd go to my first convention, which I decided would be PAX South. I'm a gamer, always have been, and I want a gamer-gal to...well be my gal, basically. So amongst the previous years of asking my friends where I could go to mingle, and getting responses of 'bars' and 'the grocery store' (really?), I figured a gaming con would be my best bet. Well, having had an absolute blast of a time, meeting cool indie devs, seeing exciting new games, buying cool things, seeing awesome panels, etc, my initial plan didn't work out so well. Maybe meet a nice girl. Cons are...not really the best place for that. Apparently.


It was more or less what I expected honestly. Every girl I saw fell into a category. 1. Their hand was gripped so tightly into their boyfriends that I figured he felt, should he let go, some sweaty otaku might bull charge her, scoop her up, and head for the open road. 2. Wolf packs, gangs of girls sticking close together. No one gets left behind. Tight clusters to make sure social interaction with anyone new stays at a minimum. 3. Groups of friends, a mixture of girls and guys, who have probably known each other for years. Any effort to speak to a girl from one of these groups would no doubt result in some stern glares from the guy friends. And lastly 4. Cosplayers. High minded, they know they look good, take your picture and get lost. The cosplayers seemed to be exclusively alone, each and every one, but who could possibly flirt with one?


So it was a huge success, and also a huge failure. A fun experience, and yet I felt a bit hollow inside at the real truth of the matter. That's when I threw up my hands, and looked up some nerd dating sites. The real last resort. After the poor month of paid membership to Geek2Geek, and then seeing how poorly this site is operated, I can't say my hopes are high, even though I'm a very positive person usually. I clicked a tab that said My Geek Matches on here. No profiles, no results. How eerily reminscient of real life.


If anyone ends up reading this, send me a message. Tell me if you've ever interacted with a single person on here successfully. It'd sure make me feel better.

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