isabusybee: The 7.5 hour Journey to the Shire (sans green stuff)

The 7.5 hour Journey to the Shire (sans green stuff)

Mar 7 2015 at 10:38am

     Have I mentioned that living 7 1/2 hours from home is a pain in the ass? It is. I really hate driving nonstop through a crazy city with crazier traffic. At least I get to eat burgers, though. wink Anyways, this time around was especially ridiculous. I took the wrong fork in the road while trying to get on the Interstate and had to turn around halfway up a mountain. I don't even know what I was doing- I've driven the route at least eight times; it's not like I don't know what I'm doing. Whatever the case, I was angrily driving for about twenty minutes after that escapade until Metallica came on my radio. 

     Anyways, now I'm home! It's so nice to be back where things are green(er)! It's always nice to come home for breaks, but it usually leaves me with a disconnected feeling. What's reality? Bunnies and desert? Birds and not totally dead trees? Am I really in college? Am I still in high school? IS THE CAKE A LIE???

   So. That's it. I had a junky drive this time around, but I didn't die so I guess it was all right. I'm glad to be home, only if for a little while. Maybe while I'm here I'll call up an old friend and play Cards Against Humanity. Or maybe I'll play my violin and guitar. Either way, I'm in for a relaxing week.

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