Aazari: I got a newopportunity!

I got a newopportunity!

Feb 13 2015 at 12:27pm

So, the art thing had been stagnating for a while. On a whim I decided to shoot my link over to NeatoShop which is a by-invitation selling venue for t-shirt designs. I didn't think they'd be any more receptive than the timed tee sites had been. I was wrong. They accepted me into the fold, so I now have a shop there. I feel honored to be included among the well known nerdy tee designers who populate the majority of their site. 

I've also gotten repeat commission business from a friend from Lar DeSouza's Ustream chat. It's a fun one. I'm doing a fantasy winged feline treatment to her "baby sister" who happens to be a bobcat. :-) I've been slow getting to work on it because everything is flaring up with the wild winter weather and making it hard to concentrate. I like working for this particular commissioner because she's very laid back and understanding. 

Here's hoping the year continues to give me opportunities I can actually use. 

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