galderock: The life that could have been

The life that could have been

Jan 30 2015 at 12:47am

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The life that could have been

By Kyle Langlois


             We woke to see the sun light shining in our window, the smell of spring in the air. The sound of a little whisper coming from down the hall; little Maya playing with her dolls. Clarissa lying in bed staring at me, a morning that nice and quiet like most weekend mornings. Saturday my day to cook breakfast for us, pancakes hers with whip cream and syrup, mine with strawberries, and little Maya’s the same way. One of the few things she gets from me, she has her mother’s beautiful looks and is just as smart. Our house is a nice little 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car garage and a big backyard with a pool.

I walk in to the kitchen with my robe on and little Maya who by the way is 5 wants to help me make the pancakes, so I let her mix the batter; I asked her what we should have with the pancakes, and she said bacon with a big smile on her cute little face. Our little angle eats like me, she will eat her one little pancake with the strawberries then eat another rapped around 2 strips of bacon. After everything is made me and her bring the food to mommy so we can all sit in bed and watch some TV when we eat.

After were done we get dressed and start cleaning, Clarissa gets the bed room and living room I get the kitchen and yard work. As for the bathroom we normally argue who cleans it, and normally I end up doing it. Little Maya helps mommy with her choirs and mommy helps her clean her room. Then after their done they sit on the couch and watch some anime why I mow the front yard, with the backyard already done. After I’m finished the girls are dressed and off to the store to do some shopping.

I like to take a little brake right now and watch anime myself then go work on my race car that’s in the garage. Its and old 280z that I been working on for about 2 years now and it’s almost done. I put a newer motor in it, out of a skyline, bored and stroked to a 2.8 liter so I can say it’s still a 280z lol. I work on it till the the girls get back and I help with the bags then I jump in the shower so we can start dinner. Tonight is our movie night and my night to do dinner.

I thought some Hawaiian pizza, to show Clarissa I still know what she likes. I like doing that from time to time to see what kind of reaction I get out of her. We sit there eating our pizza and watch some movies like transformers 7 till little Maya falls to sleep. After we put her to bed we go into our room, kissing moving to the bed and make sweet love till we can’t move anymore. Then we watch some anime till we go to sleep.

 The next day its Clarissas turn to make breakfast, today she made cinnamon rolls, and pigs in the blanket. Great Sunday breakfast, after that we get dressed and chill for the day, playing some video games and going to the movies, out for lunch and dinner. Sometime there’s a live band down by the lake so we might go there to see what’s playing. And sometimes they have some game booths set up for the kids to have a little fun. But for the most part Sundays are our days to unwind and relax, have some fun. Because Monday is a work day, and this Monday is a special one; little Maya starts preschool. So that night we check her little bag to see if she has everything and look for a good outfit for her first day of school. By 9 o’clock little Maya is out cold and so are we.

Then I woke up, to see Clarissa is not next to me. A dream that felt so real it had to be what our life could have been. A Saidness falls over me each nigh now, hoping to dream the beautiful dream, hoping to never wake from it.

Do not lose the one you hold close. Do not think they will be there every day and every night. Hope when you wake they are there, and you are not dreaming, dreams of a life that could have been.

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