Lasercat006: Laser's Geek Recommendations

Laser's Geek Recommendations

Jan 26 2015 at 02:32pm

Thought I'll give making a Blog a Shot but instead of crying on here about my problems (ill keep that to myself thank you). I just chime in whenever to give some of my Geek/Nerd recommendations of movies, music, games, youtube videos, books, etc. Ill try to find things people might not know, Also if you have some daliy recommendations please list in the comments. Lets spread the Nerdiness!

Today I recommend "Ready Player One" by Earnest Cline


If you havent read this book already you are really missing out. Its a fantastic story that hits gamers right in the heart, i finished the book in under a week, way faster then i usually read a book because the story was just that compelling. If you love games, nerdy movies, action, drama, etc. Then you will love "Ready Player One". let me know what you think in the comments please


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