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Jan 24 2015 at 08:34pm

For some reason SoulGeek won't let me upload my entire profile at once, so here's the full thing:

I’m not actually that big a fan nor deeply versed in the Classic Series, but here-- 2, 9, 7, 11, 8, 4, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, with a reservation on 12 as I was so put off by the start of Season 8 that I abandoned ship until I find myself with loads of free time to give it a fairer shot. Not a one do I dislike, although I do dislike the hands some of them were dealt--and you’ll find most of those at the bottom of the list.


I’m a pretty true blue “classic” geek in background and general interests, but I hate the “No True Scotsman” attitude present in some circles. I’m welcoming of anyone and everyone with as much humility and open-mindedness as I can muster, and I endeavor to have the same respect levelled at me in return. People who don’t can get bent.


I’m built like a Tolkein Dwarf, but no beard or great craft skills, sadly. I’m also very in-touch with my feminine side, but not to the point of being effete. Instead I work in medicine, right now as a lowly Patient Care Technician (think the Nurse’s eyes, ears, and often hands), with a strong eye towards career growth, but almost certainly not an MD nor PhD as I’d rather not incur six-figure debt.


You’ll notice I relate to so-called “Boy Scouts” like Superman, Captain America, and Cyclops. Yes I do roll Paladin-style if I’m not trying to play to a role. I am not Lawful Good. Not all those who wear white are clean. I have many rules, if you catch my meaning. I just happen to know that the One Ring is Official Bad News Bears and life is too short to waste time as a slave to my own subjugation, and evil only makes for fun company until your luck runs out. This does mean that fans of Batman, Iron Man, and Deadpool are likely to find me “boring.” That’s ok, I find them immature if I’m being honest. There’s usually a mutual respect at the end of the day though.


Maybe this will clarify it better--I’m about 30% Sisko, 30% Picard, 10% Kirk, with a smattering of Worf, Data, Spock, Barclay, Geordi, Wesley, Kim, Paris, Reed, McCoy, Scotty, Bashir, Miles O’ Brien, and even poor inconsistent Chakotay making up the remaining 30%.


A lot of people find me arrogant. I can guess why, and I honestly most likely am, but I’m too close to myself to make a good judgment and too wrapped up in my own awesome life to whine about being treated unfairly. That being said, I’ve just come out of 6 years of misery and while I am growing fast in life I might seem remedial to many. Act now and don’t miss this exciting investment opportunity!


(please don’t actually view me as an investment opportunity; it fucks with a man’s self-esteem and I would happen to know this firsthand)

Maybe you think this is all too uptight, serious, intense, and even pretentious. You really might be right. It’s just the wavelength I run on. If you can’t groove on that, no hard feelings, you’re not the first and you will not be the last to feel that way. Happy trails.

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