LexxiLuthor: Best sci-fi game?

Best sci-fi game?

Jan 19 2015 at 10:25pm
What sci-fi type game(s) is/are your personal favorites? At least as far as your definition of sci-fi is concerned.

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  • Feb 5 2015 at 09:27am
    There are so many good games out there but everyone talks about are the latest ones.. mass effect series... halo... what about the good ol days like zero tolerance, star fox, jet force Gemini... phantasy star rps and the mmos? Even some great tabletop games like elder sign. all so good. :P even the classics need love too. They made games into what they are now.
  • Jan 26 2015 at 02:34pm
    Indigo Prophecy
  • Jan 26 2015 at 02:14pm
    I would also have to Agree with the Mass Effect Series, its was really an amazing series filled with tons of unique characters that you grow very close too. Even though the ultimately ending was lackluster, i still really enjoyed it. Especially Mass Effect 2.
  • Jan 26 2015 at 02:02pm
    I would have to put down my decision on a recent and say the Mass Effect Series.
  • Jan 24 2015 at 03:21pm
    Well half-life I guess. its pretty much one of the best video games ever created n.n
  • Jan 24 2015 at 02:51pm
    Hmm .. that's a tough one. I really enjoy the Fallout series , technically Sci-fi.. maybe?
    I mean I really like how it's old world meets new world. Old music, old school guns, everything is sort of slapped together junk yard style. But Energy guns, mini nuke launchers, and robots n plasma guns.. ooo not to mention Power Armour. Just saying or typing that gives me a Bad ass Samus vibe. So.. yeah Fallout. Or Kotor 1.. that was awesome as well


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