Solanteris: Why?!?


Jan 13 2015 at 12:21pm

Why do people assume that because we're a couple where the girl is bisexual, and so much  younger, that she is here with me because she has no other choice.  The truth is that she chased me, she was the one who wanted this relationship.  I was actually happy being single (admittedly I'm happier now), and she was amazing enough to make me want to change that.  


And while I'm on the subject, no, we're not looking for a girl to fulfill some patriarchal, ego-stroking, mysogynistic, male fantasy of mine.  I'm happy with my girl, and our sex life.  She likes to play with girls, and has problems making friends.  This is her show, I am merely a public face for it as I'm smart, funny, and am able to express myself better.  ;Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the feeling of having 2 girls in my life.  But it's not necessary for me,  I did all that stuff when I was younger.  If I had my way, my girl would have someone she could shop with, and could help her with the girl stuff that I just don't know enough about to be much assistance.  She's young and is having a hard time adjusting to certain things.  


Anyway, enough of a rant from me...  I'm a poet, not a blogger...

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