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Taken 3

Jan 12 2015 at 10:47pm

Ok, so Taken was a legendary movie. It may prove to be iconic for the fact that it brought Liam Nesson to the main stage of badasses. Starwars brought him to the A-list, Taken made him a household name, and then Batman secured his legacy as total badass!!!

BUT, this movie, Take  3 ... well short of its original. What made the first one memorable and awesome was the bold nature of the situation, reaction of the main character, and his actions through out the movie. His actions said "fuck you world, i'm her father and you mess with her i will fuck you up".

This one was very basic, very unappealing, and in all honesty if you've followed the movies then when you find out who the antagonist is it'll  be the "WTF" moment in a bad way. The first was unique, the second followed the same formula but in a different fashion and therefore was still unique, but this one ... its just an action movie with a plot similar to that of 1000's of other action films and its depressing.

If only they had stayed with the plot they were going with, keep the fight between Liam Nesson, his family and the dicks from the first one and their family. That was good, that was awesome ... and then they fucked it up by not following through. It just pisses me off.

There are already talks of a fourth one and i for one say that IF they do it then damn it, continue with the story of what the sons of the slain father from the second one try to do against Liam and his daughter. If not then, well, guess we'll just have to pretend the third never happened.

2/5 rating - it was just ok . . . what do you thinj 

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