skahrz: Real life

Real life

Jan 10 2015 at 07:36pm
Coming to realization isn't always a good thing, I'm seeing now the consequences of my past and how they have shaped the person that I am today. Losing people who were always very special to me has been my biggest burden... if only i had known what I know now...maybe id be happy? I guess I will never Know. The sands of time never stop, unrelenting, they carry on as we continue to grow older, weaker, and more dependent on those who we have taken for granted...ironic huh? What can I do.... to make amends, to say I'm sorry, to take it all back. Foolish dreams I know, nothing ever goes the way it should, we are not meant to be happy as human beings. All we can do is continue living our useless existences until the day comes that our heart can take no more. Is that what it's all about? Life? 50 or 60 years of lonliness, pain, and disappointment... what kind of existence is that?

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