Kitty Snape: Read this before you even bother...

Read this before you even bother...

Jan 2 2015 at 04:18pm

Before you even bother trying to communicate with me with romantic interest, I've made a list of requirements, and explanations as to why they are requirements. If you don't meet these requirements, you're in the friend zone. Of course, everyone can use more friends!

1) Must love kids. I have a 10 year old daughter and one day I will finish my degree and be a teacher. That being said, kids will always be a big part of my life, whether the kids are my own or my students. 
2) Must be sober. I'm not saying I want someone that never drinks or has any fun, just that I want someone that knows how to have fun RESPONSIBLY.
3) Must been financially independent. I'm not a gold digger, and sure I would love to be rich, but I'm not looking for a rich man. I just want someone that can take care of HIMSELF... legally. That means HAVING A JOB.
4) Must share similar political views. I love all of my friends, whether their political views are the same as mine or polar opposites, but I feel like it's important that partners have similar political stances. I am a conservative Republican. I will jump ship when there is a strong Libertarian third party, but for now, I'll stick with the GOP.
5) Must love God and his Mama. I am very wishy-washy when it comes to my religious beliefs. However, my experience is that a man that really loves God and his Mama will love his woman and treat her right. 
6) Must be "the nice guy". Ok, nice guys, I promise you're way better than the "bad guys." Trust me. The "bad guys" are fun. They really are, I'm not going to lie. But they are novelty, and the excitement they bring wears off as quick as the excitement from a Happy Meal toy. I want someone that isn't going to try and make me feel like I'm worthless when he doesn't get his way. I don't want someone that is going to try and control me. I want someone that can be chivalrous. I'm not saying that I want someone to kiss my ass and wait on me hand and foot... just holding the door or opening the car door or saying, "You look nice today" can go a long way with me. 
7) Must be compassionate. I really feel like I NEED to volunteer and give back to society because I've been blessed with so much. I, however, struggle with motivation when it's something I don't HAVE to do. If I had someone to motivate me to give back, I would be much more apt to actually do it. 
8) Must be intelligent. I'll even go so far as to say intellectual. I need someone that can stimulate me intellectually and make me think. I am fine with small talk, but it's the deep conversations that really get those gears turning in my mind, that really make me happy. I love learning, so it's a plus if you've got things to teach me.
9) Must be romantic. I'm going to be totally upfront and honest when I say that sometimes women just want a quickie too, but in general, we NEED to be romanced. We long to be wooed. Woo me.
10) Must be social. It's ok if you're not the life of the party, because I can be. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be happy being a homebody. I need to get out and explore and socialize and experience life, and I will. Any man that wants to be with me must be willing to get out and explore and socialize and experience life with me.

These are the 10 REQUIREMENTS for any man interested in having a romantic relationship with me at any point in my life. As previously stated, if these 10 REQUIREMENTS are not met, friend zone instantly.

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