ChachaChelsea: Story- Prelude-The Last Option

Story- Prelude-The Last Option

Nov 16 2014 at 11:04am

Hey All, 

This is just something I wrote a few weeks ago. May turn it into something more if I feel like it. Don't know yet. ENJOY!!!


The Last Option


Even though soldiers were coming from all sides, even with the knowledge that she will die, she knew what must be done. “Ronin, Ivory, Hayden, Zucker. You’re with me.” Her four comrades noded to the order and began to prepare. “Jax, Axel, Wyatt, Maxie. Cover us”. Axel placed his fist on his heart and bowed his head “We serve loyally until the end, My Queen”. All she could do was smile with a tearful look in her eye. “Then know this isn’t the end”


“My Queen, we must hurry,” Ivory said “The enemy is upon us”

“Then we must go”. She took Axel’s forearm “May the Eyes always watch over us”

Axel returned the gesture “May the Wings guide us in our journey”

“And may the Hawk carry us Home”


With their prayers said, they took their weapons and positions and readied themselves.

“On my count. Good luck to us all.” With that she took a deep breath. “3….” A wave of soldiers began to approach  “2….” her fists tightened around the hilt of her blade “NOW!!!”


Upon command, those who were to be cover, fired their flame tipped arrows toward the oncoming army. Once the first arrows hit the ground, the flame turned into an explosion that threw many soldiers out of her path. And with that her and her group ran straight for the control tower, cutting down anyone who would get in their way.


After fighting for what seemed like miles, the small group made it to the control tower.

“LOCK THE DOORS” she commanded. Hayden and Zucker began to secure the room.

Ronin walked over to her and stood by her side. “Are you sure about this?”


“To be honest, no. No I’m not. But this is our only option to save everything”. Ronin looked down to her pool of blue eyes. “Just be sure to find me”


She looked up at Ronin, not wanting to forget one moment of how she looked. Powerful, protective, loving. “By the Grace of the Hawk, we will find each other. I promise” As the Queen and her love exchanged one last passionate kiss. “I love you Talon”.


The room started to shake. “They’re going to breach” Zucker screamed

Hayden grabbed her Scythe, “Whatever you're going to do, do it NOW”

Talon looked to Ronin, “Go be with them. I need to concentrate”



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