Hanshot1st: Star Wars & y its better than Star Trek

Star Wars & y its better than Star Trek

Sep 26 2014 at 09:38am

Dear my people 2 who ever read this blog, this blog going b on the topic y Star Wars is engrossing & y its better then Star Trek & y should sum fans should stop hating on George Lucas.... On 2 my 1st topic I recently watch a interview on youtube with the loveley Shea Standefer, & she was wearing an outfit that represented Star Trek & wispered 2 the interviewer that she loves Star Wars more & I writed on her wall on FB on how Star Wars is better then Star Trek & the little fun fact between them... Star Wars is better than Star Trek hands down coming from a Star Wars fan 4 many reasons but the biggest reason is the money & popularity.... & all the money & popularity comes from books, animated t.v series, Star Wars clubs like the 5o1st, pod cast's, & video games & last but not least Disney... My 2nd topic is stop hating on George & I know he didn't do a good job on the prequels but I actually like the prequels starting off with episodes I & III... & remember that George wrote 7,8 & 9 so we r actually getting more than we bargined 4 & Star Wars is not Star Wars without George..

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