Kanarah: It's Been So Long I Must Say Something

It's Been So Long I Must Say Something

Jun 10 2014 at 10:36pm

Okay, not really but here's my random late night ramblings.  


About 2 weeks ago I made my own hair moisturizer that I have dubbed "Hair Goop" Been using the hair goop I made for about 2 weeks now and even though I haven't really blogged about it like I wanted to, I've taken mental notes and noticed that my hair does seem easier to manage. It's still a struggle sometimes but I am overall pleased with what's going on. I've let several of my coworkers try it and they absolutely love it. My next batch of hair goop I'm going to try something different. We'll see how it all goes. lol.

In recent months I've been looking more at lolita items for sale and less at things to make myself. My lack of sewing ability at this current time has definitely put a damper on my outfit production. I have at least 2 skirts and a dress that I've yet to complete. but I digress... Anyway, I have been looking at stuff to buy and I came across a well known replica maker. I can't wear brand stuff cause 1. I'm too fat (not really upset by this I love my huge boobs lol) and 2. I'm a bit taller than what brand is designed for. Anywho, this replica maker has a replica of my "ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ALL TIME OMG I WANT THIS IF I EVER GET SKINNY AND MAKE $1000 TO SPEND ON A DRESS" dress. lol. I want to throw my money at this for this replica however I am unsure as to go about it or if I even should. Here it is, the dress of my dreams (kind of) right at my finger tips. Is it morally okay for me to purchase this? Am I willing to listen to the elitists bitch about my replica? What shoes and bag would I wear with this amazing piece? (last question was a joke lol) Anyway, I'm super torn. I am going to talk to my loli mentor tomorrow in hopes that she will do her guru thing and help me. 

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