Sarcastic_Heart: lol wut.

lol wut.

Mar 8 2014 at 11:40pm
I was so excited for this site...but now I see it isn't that active...and it really ISN'T free. :| bummer

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  • Mar 9 2014 at 03:42am
    But with 21 weddings and counting so far SoulGeek is getting and more active every day. And for a security-based dating site it's ridiculously affordable. Especially when compared to other security-based sites like say, Perfect Match, Zoosk etc... The fees we have are a fraction of what these other guys charge yet we offer a lot more free services PLUS employ the same type of 24/7 staff to monitor and block the kind of spammers, scammers, catfish, freaks and predators that free sites are riddled with. If you're looking for a safe online dating environment to find a geek of your own, then that's what you've found. Give us a chance.


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