Deleted Member: A Legacy Of Madness

A Legacy Of Madness

Dec 18 2013 at 11:37pm

There once lived the most loneliest man ever. He was the king of nothing, but he hoped to create a kingdom of words, a world he would understand. He would write anything that came to his head, hoping that he could make those thoughts turn real. Many people who knew him thought he was mad and delusional. But he The Loneliest Man did not care. All he cared for was his words of madness. To him they were most dear. He felt if he could spill his thoughts to ink then he would become ageless. It was a silly thought but at the same time very beautiful. With his pen he would make a legacy of words.

         Many who knew him thought this was selfish and foolishness, For nothing in this world will last, and to become ageless was just self serving. But what they didn’t understand was that we are all trying to scratch are mark on this world as we fall to next one. He was merely trying to leave a message to the future souls who would walk this Earth. It was a giant “I was Here” sign, Explaining he had once existed.


       -- I once met a man in a faraway land who tried to sell me sanity but alas I had not enough cash, So I will save my fortune up till I have enough to buy what I don’t have--

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