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The current of the water

Nov 7 2013 at 10:35pm

So, I've been at this a week, now.  I suppose it's impatient to expect measurable results in such a short time.  Still, I've been surprised by how few members of soulgeek there really are.  Although the site suggests that there are hundreds of people here, the truth is that a bare dozen of them are active during any given day, which is about the same for several other struggling websites I've run into on occasion.  This doesn't mean that the site is a failure, since by definition people who have come here and paired off successfully can't be expected to stick around.  However, the deep backlog of people with accounts who no longer bother to sign in is a different matter.  I suppose on the one hand, finding someone you like is a long and difficult process, and the many who have temporarily given up on the process shouldn't come as a surprise.  On the other hand, it could also indicate a real and growing lack of results from this website.  Still, ten bucks a month for a membership is about the same as what I pay for my netflix subscription, so I suppose I can stick it out for a while yet and see what I find.

Well, on to nerdish topics.  Just got off a two day set of twelves.  Not terrible, all things considered, although I do put in as many hours as a part time employ in 48 hours.  It's a bit more impressive when you think about it like that.  Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to be meeting up with my gaming group again.  I'm thinkning I'll hit the party with a nice plague this time around.  That, an opportunistic necromancer, and the scapegoating tendencies of the commoners and nobility should cause some fun intrigue and war.  Well, fun from the outside looking in.  That last time we had circumstances this nasty was the Athenian plague.  I know, I did research.  The Black Death was terrible as well, but it was so terrible that there was rarely much in the way of a war going on at the same time.  Mostly it was just people trying to deal with the piles of bodies and such.  Well, that got a little dark.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, I'm back at trying to beat FFXIII.  I think I just reached the end of the introduction, by which I mean that some of the more open gameplay options are beginning to open up.  Last time I fired up the PS3 I got my tookus handed to me by a behemoth, so I'm gonna rematch that... thing, and try to regain my dignity.  Failing that, I may pop in a different video game.  I noticed once again that the actual battle system of FFXIII is an awkward blend of tactical control and personal combat.  On the one hand, you have to be absolutely certain your party is doing the right thing for maximum return, but on the other hand, if you slip up for even a moment, your main character takes the long plunge and that's all she wrote.  I'm not sure why they chose to just kill the party when the main character dies instead of allowing the player to run one of the other characters.  In all the other games, the party was the player's instrument, whereas now one single character is apparently in control of the party and they implode if left for even an instant to think on their own.  Basically, the combat system of FFXIII made a lot of silly decisions that don't really improve the game play.  It seems to me like a case of them trying to have their cake and eat it too.  Tactical RPGs have been popular in the past, so they tried to implement elements of that, while the story driven nature of the Final Fantasy franchise is what has always made it so popular.  So they make you identify with whoever is the party leader.  I can't say you identify with the main character, because the storyline, thus far, has done a fairly good job of balancing the various storyline.  I don't really feel like there's a main character, per se.  Anyway,  I will, perhaps, be back up to rant again in a while depending on my success at behemoth killing.


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