Blue_Leader: What I'm Doing with My Life

What I'm Doing with My Life

Sep 30 2013 at 12:55am

Currently I'm in college studying theater, but I am an aspiring voice actor. Unfortunately, my college doesn't have many classes relating to that profession so I'm just following the general theater path. I'll be graduating in roughly two terms if all goes well.
Once I graduate I imagine that I'll probably stay in Portland for two or three years while I get things prepared, but after that I'm hoping to move somewhere else and get a fresh start. I'm not entirely sure where I would like to move yet but I have a couple options in mind.

I do a lot of writing and I like working with my hands and creating things, and one of the things I do is I make free PC games, which are usually fairly simple but it allows me to do something creative. I also do some drawing, I write stories, and I work on costumes... So pretty much your generic geek there, I suppose.

I am a member of the Rebel Legion, which is a world-wide Star Wars costuming charity organization, and I'm a costume judge in it. I'm rather proud to be a member in it and I find it to be a lot of fun. Seeing kids smile whenever their favorite Star Wars characters come to greet them is always a worthwhile experience. I am working on becoming a member of the 501st Legion as well.

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