Annabuu2812: The New!!

The New!!

Aug 5 2013 at 11:12pm

I am still getting used to the new version of but you know what, I feel like it is sooo much easier to navigate than the earlier version!  It used to take a very long time for pages to load whenever I looked at other profiles or wanted to do a search.  I was frustrated every time I logged in and so I wasn't signing in frequently...maybe twice a month.  Now the speed is improved and I actually enjoy my time logged in.

I feel like I will have to sign in with a schedule of a sort.  There are other websites I visit or computer tasks that I do that get in the way...along with life, of course.  If I don't schedule my time on this website then it would be harder for me to be consistent with signing in.  Maybe an hour a week.  That is wayyyy more often than I did before.  laugh  And I don't want my membership to go to waste; I am looking forward to trying out the new features of the website.  For now, I am not comfortable with joining the forums or chatrooms until I am even more familiar with how the website works.

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  • Aug 25 2013 at 12:43pm
    What a wonderful new here. How are you. Like your post


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