Annabuu2812: My Firt Blog Post Here

My Firt Blog Post Here

Mar 3 2013 at 04:53am


     I already have two blogs that I write on Blogger. One is about my video game experience and related thoughts, and the other is about my fascination with robots. But for this SoulGeek blog I will go ahead and also write about how my life is in general. I still want to write about geeky things from time to time though. 

If you are curious about one or both of my other geeky blogs, let me know and I would be joyful to send you a PM or an email. alt

Right now, I am starting out a new career path in the medical field.  I am done with going to school (waking up early, going to class, homework, projects, studying late, etc.) so I am doing a distance-learning program.  No, I DON’T want to be a doctor or a nurse. I want to work from home. I am a writer and I need a day job, but for the last few years, applying for retail sales positions and customer service positions had been unsuccessful.  My degree is a B.A. in English Creative Writing. What am I gonna do with that? Teach?! NO!! And without much work experience, I was without luck in the job hunt. I even volunteered to get some experience. These people want to hire one person to do the work of two or three people. That’s the air I got when I had my interviews.

So now I am learning and training to be a medical coding and billing specialist. There is a demand for jobs in the medical field and this profession is one of them.  I’d like to work from home eventually, since some medical coders and billers do that, but I’ll see. It is going to take some hard work, time and determination. But you know what? I am okay with this. Part of the training is learning the medical terminology. Learning medical terminology and human anatomy (besides what I already know now, anyway) will help me when I develop alien life forms for writing science fiction, and for developing fantasy races for the fantasy genre, as well. I am excited about this opportunity to learn/train for a career, earn a living, and make a difference. But most importantly, I am excited about LIFE again. And I couldn’t have started this without my mom’s love and support. It was her suggestion. She brought it up and said she’d invest in my new education, and I gave it some consideration. And I thought, That’s it! I can focus on training for one job and getting hired, instead of sending application after résumé after résumé all over the place not knowing how my life is gonna be.

Life was boring, and I wasn’t getting anywhere for a while. Now, things are moving along. It feels great!


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