AlexMalix: Release date Tension

Release date Tension

Jan 13 2010 at 01:26pm

You would suppose that being a gamer for over 20 years, I might have gotten used to the anticipation of an epic games release day.   

I've gotten over the addiction to the point I can walk away from an epic moment to live in the real world.  I don't freak out if I die and lose an hours worth of progress.   I've grown a nice immunity to the worst problems with gaming, but not release day tension.

I've preordered the game, got the special edition with the extra goodies,  I read up on every detail of the game for some hints of any twists to the plot, but I seem more nervous as the day draws closer.   While I giggle at random when I think about sliding that disc into the reader and booting up,  I start having fears.

I've spent 60+ dollars on this game I've never played.  I'm buying something that might not be worth while.  WHat if the game reviews exaggerated,  or if it's just not my kind of game?  How many times have I bought a game only to find out it's crap.  I can't afford to be buying a game I might not like.

It's definatly easier these days to not worry about it so much, with game demos and subscription game rentals.  I find I can buy the games I know are really worth playing because the demo was good or I trust the company or it's a sequel to a game I love.

I know it seems silly to talk about the worries I feel while waiting for the day I can pick up the latest new shiny thing, but I like my shinies.  I enjoy escaping reality for brief moments and being the herioc knight or the vile space pirate.  We all have the desire to escape the bleaker parts of our lives,  we just all have a different way to do it.

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