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Fan-Guy, 37, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom.
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Never liked talking about myself, I'm pretty average, what you see is what you get. I'm into board games, video games, TV/film, table top war games, even like a bit of Disney.

My friends are very important and like family to me

Ask anything you want.....


Fan-Gal, 25, Silver City, New Mexico, United States.
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Get Shwifty. I grew up challenging the boys in video games, and grew into a pretty active WoW player. Most of my free time when not at work or the lake is spent on art or reading. I love a healthy mix of comic book movies and horror movies, and my music folders are overflowing with just about anything.


Fan-Guy, 24, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
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im your average nerdy guy i love playing video games ( currently playing overwatch and darksouls 3 to name a few ) im also a big film buff i love pointing out that obscure actor that no one knows and saying where hes from. On the less nerdy side i love to go rock climbing and while i may hate the trek there i love finding beautiful secluded spots in the middle of nowhere. Usually i like to spend as much time as i can with friends whether we go out for the night or just stay in hang out game watch netflix im good for most things so long as the company is good


Fan-Gal, 32, Chicago, Illinois, United States.
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I love many genres of geekdom. From Dr Who to Star Trek and from Mario Kart on the super nintendo to Golden Eye on the 64.


Fan-Guy, 40, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States.
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Me: Extrovert, Geek, Dom, Creative, Honest, Professional, Educated
Likes: Doctor Who, Comic Books, Marvel, Games, D/s, Food, Truth, Beauty, Love
Makes: Photography, Comic Books

I am a geek, but I have been learning to dress fairly well. I am a director at a tech startup, but also a writer and artist.

In relationships, I'm extremely affectionate, honest, and communicative. You won't wonder how I feel. I apply most of my intellectual energy to understanding people and their emotions and connections.

I was born in New Hampshire and live in Union Square, Somerville. In between, I have lived in Portland Oregon, St Andrews in Scotland, and Sheffield in Yorkshire, where I got my degrees in Analytical Philosophy. I used to visit Dublin often. Last year I went back to Scotland for the first time in ages, and it was like going home.

I have never been able to decide decide on a closing statement. What do you think of these?

"Man in three-piece suit seeks girl in cosplay."

Or maybe I should go with "Knight in shining awkward."


Fan-Guy, 27, Dayton, Texas, United States.
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I'm a average guy just making my way through life trying to complete my goals and do what I enjoy when I can. I love to play moba type game, and rpg games on the computer, but I love table top games such as Heroclix.


Fan-Guy, 45, Pinellas Park, Florida, United States.
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Love Star Wars!


Fan-Guy, 32, Chino, California, United States.
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Always dwelled myself too much into the realm of creativity, time to looking for someone's cute and understand each other! I like to make people laugh and open-minded to new or different perspectives. Dare to challenge anyone able to break the "seal" of my heart~!

Search "Chaotic Unknown" will be plenty enough....I think^^


Fan-Guy, 30, Elfrida, Arizona, United States.
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well, im a huge star wars fan, like im pretty sure im a jedi. but I did lose track of my self for a while and was tempted by the dark side. that's a long story tho. anyways I just moved to Arizona from new York, and I really know no one out here. I come out here for a fresh start, so im hopeing I can meet some ppl out here with some same interests as me :)


Fan-Gal, 21, Garden Grove, California, United States.
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hey! i'm 18 and living in socal. startin' my first semester of college this fall. music is my literal and figurative jam, particularly PUNK! and rock, but i try to stay open to all genres. i'm super into horror–lovecraft, classic monster movies, you name it, star trek (star wars too, it's the best of both worlds), world of warcraft, and lotr. :^)


Fan-Guy, 30, West Jordan, Utah, United States.
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I'm more of a quiet type, I prefer to stand off to the side and let my friends take center stage. I'm fairly shy as well but once I get to know someone though, I'll open up a lot more.

I like waiting for things to happen. Its always fun to watch the world go by, seeing people and wondering where they've been and where their going. Most of the time I let problems bounce off of me, if its one I can't ignore, I step back and wait until I can approach it with a cool head.

I'm currently going to culinary school. I hope to maybe one day open up my own restaurant or start my own


Fan-Guy, 37, West Harrison, New York, United States.
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I may be a nerd, but I prefer the term... "Intellectual badass"

Im skeptical of writing about myself in length due to the contrived notions on what love is, might be, could be... I feel this notion is truly lost on most people. Putting a ton of information about yourself on a webpage regardless of your skill with a pen, or in this case a keyboard, only gives people the information they need to promote what they either do, or do not wish to see in you. You won't find me in a club staring at women, or a bar drinking till I feel like I'm having "fun". I want to meet someone but someone that wants to take the time to get to know me, and accept my faults and my strengths. Other than that I'm just kinda floating hoping to meet a couple interesting people.


Fan-Gal, 31, Long Beach, California, United States.
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I am primarily a gamer but I also love everything from Sci-Fi TV series to Marvel comics to anime. I attend a lot of conventions and spend a decent amount of time collecting Funko Pop! figures. I am sorta gothy but I also love cute things and people have often described me as "the happiest goth" they've ever met. I'm generally upbeat and would love to meet someone who shares my geeky interests.


Fan-Guy, 22, Santa Fe Springs, California, United States.
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My name is mario. I love anime, video games and playing the piano. I'm a pretty funny guy that hardly ever takes anything seriously. I kinda have a weird sense of humour. I'm a college student. I'm really free spirited. Im not strict by any means.


Fan-Guy, 24, Ventura, California, United States.
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Heyya. I'm your average 20 year old guy from California. I've moved around a ton, from state to state, so I've never really gathered the truest interpersonal skills. Because of my job, I can be social if I have to, but I have a lot more trouble making close friends, and hell if I ever know what to say to a girl. I still think the only two friends I have and the one girlfriend I've had were complete flukes.

I'm heavily into gaming. Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, Diablo 3, WoW for a while, I'm in the HotS beta, I play Hearthstone from time to time, I'm in the middle of a Borderlands 2 get the idea. If it's a game, I'll likely play it. Unless it's racing. I SUCK at racing games. >. into DnD, playing my first Pathfinder game on roll20 as a monk with a dark curse. It's so much fun and I want to get into more!

I'm a passive furry. I consider myself part of the fandom, and I definitely enjoy the art and occasionally writing a story or two revolving around my characters, but I've never been to a convention (Of any sort for that matter) or hung out with any other furries, other than one of friends.

I'm real chatty, so if you ever want to say hi, don't be scared! I know I am, I hate initiating conversations, I never know what to say. >// pop in with a poke! ^_^

It's been three years since I've been with a woman, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty or awkward, or even guarded. I try not to be, I like to be an open book, even about the embarrassing things in life. It's only embarrassing if I let it be!