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Fan-Guy, 33, Oceanside, California, United States.
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I love to have fun, play video games, enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I like trying new things (I.e hangouts, food, adventures) You can catch me at music festivals or in my room playing video games!


Fan-Gal, 51, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.
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I'm new here, not really sure what to say. I'm really enjoy all forms of sci fi and fantasy books, tv and movies. Star Trek, Star Wars (saw the new one dressed as Classic Leia) Dr. Who, Firefly, and pretty much everything else.

Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love cosplay and costumes and generally enjoy any sort of silliness and "weirdness".


Fan-Guy, 25, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
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"Then, such a one, if he is worthy, is ready to love the woman Sahara. Then, such a one, if she is worthy, is ready to love the man who can put into song the Great Distance of Mist and Veils. Is it you who is waiting Sahara? Or is it me?"

-Leonard Cohen


Fan-Guy, 41, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States.
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I like to cook, write, trying to work on a sci-fi and cozy mystery book(s). I have a kitty cat named Winston named after Erine Hudson's character from Ghostbusters. Any questions feel free to ask.


Fan-Gal, 38, Tillamook, Oregon, United States.
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I'm not sure how "geeky" I really am, as I don't wear glasses nor do I own a pocket protector. I am an avid absorber of information, and I love to learn and do new things.


Fan-Guy, 23, Mancos, Colorado, United States.
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Hi im a writer trying to break into the comic book world looking for someone to start it with or who will support me going through it not money wise. Im looking for a relationship with all its charm and responsibilities. I have Arthritis so cant do alot. But still walk and try.


Fan-Guy, 34, Pasadena, California, United States.
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I'm an ex-military brat with roots in Indiana who moved to Lipstick City 8 years ago. I'm an avid, rabid, reader of comic books and... ah... regular books. Traditional and graphic literature I suppose you'd call it. I'm a big fan of my dog and regularly have him in tow.


Fan-Guy, 24, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.
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Hi I'm Steven, I'm 20. I'm Mexican, native american, french, italian, and german. I live in Pearl Harbor.I was born in berlin germany, I am a military brat and have also joined the military. I have been all over the world from Japan, Germany, The big island, Thailand, Dubhia, Bahrain, Abi Dhabi, Singapore and many other places. I like going out, working out, cosplaying, playing videogames, reading, painting/drawing, collecting anime/comics,Paintball, dancing, going out for a run or hike, and a lot of other stuff. I have cosplayed as so many character's like Ironman, batman, General zod, thorin oakenshield, Loki, Conner kenway, Enzio, Tobi, Kukazu, Kisame, Superman, Bilbo baggins, Super mario, Captian america, red skull, Bufur, Joker, death stroke, Saiyen warrior, and many other's. I have a varity of anime from old to new (mostly old school). Big gamer from Super mario, halo, super smash bros, call of duty, assassins creed, gears of war and many other's. I'm a nice guy looking for the right nerdy girl.


Fan-Guy, 27, Detroit, Michigan, United States.
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I`m a hardcore anime fan, i love capcom games like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Megaman oh and i almost forgot... STREET FIGHTER


Fan-Guy, 29, Lees Summit, Missouri, United States.
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I'm a nice guy that's always willing to go the extra mile for others. I enjoy anime, and manga, but to be more specific i like robots and sci fi. I try to stay and shape and have fun. I can be shy at first some times, but usually I warm up to people quickly if I think they are worth my time.


Fan-Gal, 23, Bluffton, South Carolina, United States.
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I am so in love with myself and the universe. I like to keep things upbeat.
My interests outside of all things nerdy include singing, musicals, art in all forms, collecting annoying instruments, fashion, and hanging out with friends. I am also a total workaholic.

I love love love to cosplay.

Also totally looking for new friends! College life is lonely!


51 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 27, San Diego, California, United States.

I'm a current undergrad. Working as a officer for a Community College here in San Diego. I love to read comics and watch anime. Love movies a d music. I've traveled around the world and I still have many places to see.


126 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 27, Janesville, Wisconsin, United States.

Hello Im Jacob! I am originally from Texas. I am a big nerd I am obsessed with Batman, I also love Marvel comics. I am a huge Walking Dead fan I read the comics and watch the tv show. I am down to earth, easy going and people say I am a nice guy.


128 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 35, Great Falls, Montana, United States.

I'm looking for someone to have fun. Who loves the same stuff that I'm in too. An me take part in what they are in to. what I really want is someone, to spend my life with.


167 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 29, Searcy, Arkansas, United States.

I'm a nurse working in a retirement center in beebe Arkansas. i love going to comic cons, comic books, all things super hero.