SoulGeek Birthdays


Fan-Guy, 33, Vancleave, Mississippi, United States.
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Huge anime/legend of Zelda fan. Lover of all thing that are awesome.


Fan-Guy, 24, Redlands, California, United States.
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I'm a 4th year student at UCSD, and I've been a huge geek all of my life. I am a big Star Wars fan to say the least, and I enjoy anything Star Wars related, whether it is books, games, TV shows, etc. I am a primarily a gamer. I often play PC games, but I also play console games from time to time as well. I have a fair amount of online friends that I play games with on a daily basis. When I am not playing video games, I am usually watching Netflix. I primarily watch anime, but I watch other shoes as well from time to time on Netflix as well. Some of my other hobbies include skiing, fishing, and airsofting/paintballing.

When it comes to my personality, I like to think of myself as an honest and friendly person. I tend to not let things in life worry me too much and I take things one step at a time. That does not mean that i am not ambitious though. I do want to better myself as a person, but I ultimately want to live a simply and happy life.i also believe in a fair balance between work and leisure, and I tend to enjoy more of the little things in life.


Fan-Guy, 32, San Antonio, Texas, United States.
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I'm into a million things, anything that has a great storyline a deal great writing is usually up my alley.


Fan-Guy, 44, Durham, North Carolina, United States.
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I came out to NC long ago to do my Ph.D. in biochemistry and after I was finished decided to stick around a bit longer. I like to talk to all sorts of people, but it would be nice to find some local people with similar interests. There will be more info to come as I slowly update my profile...


Fan-Guy, 47, Los Angeles, California, United States.
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I'm an aspiring polka dancer. If you must know, I bring home the (veggie) bacon as a graphic artist and printer at my shop in L.A. I also write a bit of sci fi on the side. as well as doing art and design work for my books.
You will most likely find me at a con, but I'll pretty much go anywhere to get out of town. You may also find me at Real Food Daily, Doomies, M Cafe, Golden Apple Comics or inhaling almond lattes at Comissary Coffee.
I'm also a vegan, but I don't really care what you eat.


Fan-Guy, 36, Federal Way, Washington, United States.
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Let's see.... I'm an avid gamer. I love just chilling around the house hermit style playing games and watching movies. I'm also just as likely to go on a spur of the moment camping trip or go to the zoo/museum/etc. I regularly binge watch whole seasons of anime. Don't really know what else to put here, if you want to know, ask me.


Fan-Guy, 32, Corydon, Kentucky, United States.
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Ummm.... I like cake. And roasting coffee, and discussing philosophical conundrums and theological issues. I like teaching, and taught youth theology (MS and HS) at my church for 3 years. I'd like to write books someday, and am (slowly) working on doing that. I like thinking and thinking about thinking, but I also don't dawdle. I'm a bit awkward, but in a charming way, or so I've been told. I'd like to get into voice acting. I'm an INFJ, if that sweetens the pot. I'm very loyal, and can fall in love too easily at times, but I've gotten better at not doing that.


Fan-Guy, 26, Statesboro, Georgia, United States.
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I am 5'11" and I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am a gamer by heart and I love to beat puzzles. I am also a great guy who is sweet and who has a great sense of humor.

If anyone wishes to speak with me text me at **********, i ran out of geek points lol


Fan-Guy, 30, Long Beach, California, United States.
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Names Frankie:) say HI.


12 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 32, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

I'm a table top gamer mostly I play a few games. My passion at the moment is making nerdy things with my wood working talents.


44 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 23, Salem, Alabama, United States.

I'm just a weeb that honestly just wants to find some awesome friends and maybe a relationship with someone who I can connect with. I'm kinda just want to start as friends cause of my previous relationship.


57 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 32, Astoria, New York, United States.

I'm pretty by-the-books ENTJ (with a hint of "I"). Intelligent, quirky, and a kid at heart, juxtaposed with a go-get-'em attitude to get things done. Always ready for some good intellectual, philosophical discourse. I'd say I'm an music and tech geek, but not a couch potato. Though you're more likely to find me at a Broadway show than a sports game. Not that I don't like playing sports (soccer, I'm looking at you). People have compared me to Abed for my quirks and for being an all-around fun guy (Community--great show, by the way). So I suppose you could say I'm looking for Troy to my Abed.


Fan-Guy, 20, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States.

I'm a college student who's looking for some people with similar interests. I'm into Star Wars, a few trading card games, and several anime series. I'm interested in learning about some more


Fan-Guy, 24, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.

I'm bad at filling these out truthfully so all I can really say is just message me and ask away haha I'm an open book and will answer any and all questions you ask the best I can. Haha :)