SoulGeek Birthdays


Fan-Guy, 42, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
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I used to be into Role-playing with close friends (We designed our own game actually, and wrote the White Wolf rules they wound up using for 3rd ed back when it was still in 1st ed cause we liked it that way.) Aside from that I'm just your average Geek into sci-fi / fantasy tv, books, assorted video games and movies, and hanging out with friends. Looking for someone who I can actually have fun with as well as a relationship who can actually relate to my interests instead of just tolerate them. Someone I can get excited over stuff with and experience new geek stuff with together. (Recently got into a phone game called Ingress, it's helping me lose some weight walking around town.)


Fan-Gal, 56, Los Angeles, California, United States.
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I am the Director of Site Management for since day #1 and enjoy every minute of it!

I love reading like a heroin addict loves his/her next shot. When I go to my library it is like an episode of "Cheers". They just don't holler "Norm" but my name.
And if my stash of books waiting to be read falls under ten I get twitchy.


Fan-Guy, 27, Franklin, Ohio, United States.
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I'm mostly a shy person when I meet new people but when I get to know you more I open up. I've never been to a con yet but I've been hoping to find a group to go to one. I'm always up for trying new things


Fan-Guy, 31, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States.
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I'm a gamer, table top or video gaming, and I love playing with my friends. I'm fiercely loyal and I'm passionate about my hobbies and interests and love to share them. I'm also draw a bit and love creating story ideas.


Fan-Guy, 25, Newark, Delaware, United States.
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I'm a big jolly nerd, iv done it all I play it all. I'm currently going to UD with a History major and a minor in writing


Fan-Guy, 29, San Diego, California, United States.
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I'm that rare Star Trek/Star Wars fan that loves both franchises.


Fan-Guy, 24, Homestead, Florida, United States.
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I'm not awesome just normal. Love to cosplay at conventions. Read a lot of manga and watch anime.


Fan-Guy, 26, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
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vegan chef, hippie, martial arts, arts, bdsm,
24/7 gaming actually .__.


Fan-Guy, 25, Orange, California, United States.
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Mostly into anime, video games and manga. I am starting to do cosplay stuff for conventions. I'm also into other stuff that isn't nerd related since I am a closet nerd.


Fan-Gal, 33, Salinas, California, United States.
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I try to be the best me i can be. I grew up with science fiction and fantasy, some Marvel and DC. I'm probably more of a tv/film geek than anything else, though I'm fascinated by languages and really wish I had patience/money to learn another one. I'm about a 70/30 split staying indoor/going out person, I try to be open to both.


Fan-Guy, 31, Salina, Kansas, United States.
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I work in IT, hardware side. I enjoy SciFi movies/tv/books and on occasion anime. I'm trying to write my own SciFi novels but they haven't been published yet.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Farscape, Dark Matter, just about any SciFi TV/Movie.
Just about any kind of music, specific bands include Deftones, Daft Punk, Lacuna Coil, but I listen to something different just about every week.
90's import cars. Just a side hobby.
Video games, generally PC but I'll play on any console.
Reading, writing SciFi and fantasy.
Other things that I can't think of right now, but I'll try about anything that sounds like fun!

Modern Country Music


Fan-Guy, 48, South River, New Jersey, United States.
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Kinda regular, kinda normal, quiet geek looking for a companion.. or more like a partner in crime. The usual "haven't met the right person" applies, but the truth is I haven't met any real geeky women.


Fan-Gal, 27, Evart, Michigan, United States.
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Hello! I have no idea what to write here, but I am going to do my best! I love all sorts of different fandoms, but to pick a couple that I am completely obsessed with, I would pick the Zelda series and Final Fantasy VI (3 on the Super NES). I also like all sorts of other things...For example, I believe that there is a Spongebob or Adventure Time quote for every situation in life :D

As far as other aspects of myself, I am actually pretty introverted, but I open up fairly quickly once I get to know someone and feel comfortable...then I think sometimes they'd wish I'd shut up! :) LOL. I am also a Christian, which means that God comes first in my life... I try to live my life the best I can to what is written in the Bible. I am sensitive and very easygoing... I try my best to enjoy the simple things in life and find the beauty and wonder in everything...

Oh...and I'm crazy. Definitely crazy :D lol


Fan-Guy, 34, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, United States.
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First and foremost a geek. Can't get away from that. But a lovable geek. I'm 32, have a BA in journalism, play guitar, bass, drums, mandolin and piano (badly). After five years in the journalism field, I'm working as a freelance writer. No kids, have a cat, have my own car, pay my bills on time and try to have fun on the weekends.


Fan-Guy, 44, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
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I am a lover of many Geek genres, I am a Sith realist. Professionally I am a licensed Journeyman locksmith and safe technician. I am a former US Marine and I am a former MMA / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter.