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Fan-Gal, 31, San Diego, California, United States.
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I am a kind and caring person, with a lot of nerdy interests. I'm an avid Lord of the Rings and fantasy fan, but also very interested in Sci-Fi stuff too. I am a professional photographer, take art classes for fun, used to be a competitive fencer for 12 years, and like challenging my brain by playing Magic the Gathering sometimes. Overall I just enjoy spending time with people who are caring, like to have deep conversations, and are respectful.


Fan-Guy, 27, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States.
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I am a gamer, that loves to go out to the movies. Horror and comedy are my favorites. I have a passion for my job of welding. I love to make people laugh, and smile. Especially when i can tell they are having a bad day.


Fan-Gal, 36, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States.
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I spend most of my free time roleplaying or watching stuff on the computer. I'd like to be more active in fannish things, but there's this thing called lack of transportation.


Fan-Guy, 27, Park Forest, Illinois, United States.
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I hate these things. Avid anime watcher, video game player, D&D player, and DC enthusiast. If there is anything you want to know feel free to ask I'm an open book.


Fan-Guy, 29, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.
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Just moved from Athens,Ga to Chattanooga,TN. I'm a web application and software dev by day and I do a little indie game development by night. I'm a jack of all nerdy trades, if it's geeky I've tried it: video games, board games, dnd, comics, fantasy/sci-fi novels, cartoons, anime & manga, the list goes on. I'm awkward around new people, but really really easy to talk to.


Fan-Guy, 40, Anaheim, California, United States.
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I am a dork. I play mandolin and xwing miniatures, I get excited for camping and donuts and oddball nostalgia. My humor is random and. Anything might trigger a reference from deep in my memory banks from like small wonder or star wars, or dexters lab or obscure or popular 80s movies. I might mosh to bad religion or fail at lindy hop to some glen miller,


Fan-Guy, 21, Santa Clarita, California, United States.
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I'm an aspiring Physicist/Computer Scientist of some kind.
I'll just list a few things:
- I love Metal
- I love Science
- I am a Vegan: so prepare to try some of my cooking.
- I love cooking
- I am a neat freak
- I will build a PC for you (it's my pleasure)
- I really don't care for sports usually
- I LOVE movies and cartoons
- I am nonreligious and a nihilist (but an optimistic one)

I love traveling to new places, and I also enjoy staying in bed, watching Star Trek, JL, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, [insert other nerdy show here], with a cup of tea or coffee, and the latest Batman issue.


Fan-Guy, 27, Burlington, Massachusetts, United States.
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I'm a reader turned writer who doesn't have time to write because I work in a bookstore by day and get distracted by video games at night. I love writing fantasy, but I also read sci-fi and nonfiction. I'm a Dungeon Master, a Pokemon Master, and maybe I'm even *the* Master (though I've never actually watched a Dr. Who episode).


Fan-Guy, 35, Ada, Oklahoma, United States.
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Fan-Guy, 23, Prescott, Ontario, Canada.
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I like to read books and play chess. I'm not a very active person. I an good with computers.


Fan-Gal, 26, Dallas, Texas, United States.
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I love Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Avengers, Dr. Dinosaur from Atomic Robo, Batman: the Animated Series, X-Men: Evolution and some of the X-Men movies, the '90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gargoyles, the Muppet Show and the Muppet Movies pre-Jim Henson's death (he was involved in pre-production of Muppet Treasure Island so that counts as good in my books). I grew up on Narnia, old movies from the '30s and '40s, and opera.

I went to a small private school where weakness was remembered for life and used at any given opportunity. It's taken me a long time to break the habit of hiding my interests and quirks, and I'm not entirely over it. But I am getting there and I am trying to embrace new interests along the way.


2 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 25, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

I'm pretty much a gamer that's a big Batman fan lol ask me anything ☺️


86 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 32, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States.

I'm a pretty big nerd. I love reading, anime, video games, comics, movies, long walks, football, etc.


Fan-Guy, 34, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States.

I like play video games and watching movies.


Fan-Guy, 33, Garden Grove, California, United States.

I'm of course a gamer for life. I love anime, all about DC and Marvel too. Anything else just ask.