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6 hour(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 25, London, London, City of, United Kingdom.
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Games are my life always have and always will be hands down. I love anime ever since I was introduced to the concept and I've continued expanding what I've seen. I'm a fun loving joker who has unwavering loyalty to friends and family, I'm a good listener and I'm completely open to change whether it be myself or my ideal Geek.


8 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 28, Livermore, California, United States.
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I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I know lots of stuff about esoteric lore from before Disney rolled all the lore into Legends, and I rarely run into characters that I'm not at least passingly familiar with. I am also incredibly enthusiastic about D&D and Pathfinder games and video games. I used to love playing MMOs and the social dynamics of guilds, but when the guilds I'm in disintegrate, I usually lose interest in the game. I spend days at a time watching lore and mechanics videos for almost any game or setting that I fall in love with.


13 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 46, Philippi, West Virginia, United States.
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I am a toy collecting, game playing, movie hording, comic collecting, vampire friendly, role playing master. I will try anything once short of diving of a cliff without a parachute or setting myself on fire to see if i am fireproof. If I am fireproof I will only find out by accident. I love anything geek!


16 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 46, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
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I love all things geeky. What can I say it's awesome. I like comics, superhero stuff, anime, cosplay, scifi, you name it. I will either already like it or if I haven't heard of it I will like it anyway just cuz it's cool. I am who I am and I don't want to change for anyone.
I grew up as a tomboy so my geekiness started there. I like a lot of things guys like. I love Role Playing Games, Both Video and Table Top as well as LARPing.
I love acting at Haunted Houses and have done so off and on for 20 years.
I had the awesome opportunity of Volunteering at Salt Lake Comic Con. I was in total geek heaven and would do it again every year for the rest of my life.

By the way the name Firestepher is kind of a nickname of mine.


40 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 23, Cedar Creek, Texas, United States.
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Born and rased in the heat of Texas . grew up play a saga gensas and game cube . then blossomed to a love for all things nerdy. Now looking for love.


52 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 29, Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
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I like to think of myself as an open minded optimist, who also loves satire. I can get pretty rude and crude so if you find you get offended often, look elsewhere it'll make us both happier :)

I LOVE gaming: board, video, and Roleplaying (PnP) beyond that I'm big into anime, sci-fi, and fantasy (though oddly enough I have yet to see GoT). Chat with me, start with your interests. After all if I say everything here there won't be anything left to talk about. (Though admittedly I think most of it's up here.)

I am open to trying new things though so just cause you didn't see here doesn't mean I won't try it.


67 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 24, Grangetown, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.
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23 living in Middlesbrough, Starting to get into Cosplay and love playing video games would rather do that then go to work. Gotham is starting to become one of my favorite shows.


77 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 31, Spring Hill, Florida, United States.
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I love horror movies and Star Wars :)


78 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 43, Flint, Michigan, United States.
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I am an avid Magic the Gathering player as that is my main hobby. Additionally, I really enjoy everything about sci-fi and fantasy especially Star Wars, Firefly, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Outside of those I have a passion for baseball. I love going to the movies and taking about movies, shows and books that interest me. I'm always open to see something that I have not seen or heard of before. Discovery is a wonderful feeling.


87 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 26, Aurora, Indiana, United States.
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Hi! I’m 25 years old and love books, games, movies and pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy related. I’m perfectly happy to hang out at home, but I also love nature and traveling to parks, museums and interesting cities. I love all animals, especially cats and dogs. I have a joking personality love to have fun, at the same time it usually takes a little time for to open up. I’m very caring and emotional, I don’t get along with cruel or rude people. I absolutely love music, there isn’t a single day I don’t spend time listening to it. I’m also a musician, mostly guitar but I can play some trumpet and piano.


88 day(s) ago
Fan-Gal, 30, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
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My name is Raquel photographer in Las Vegas. For the last 3 years I've taken pictures at live events in Vegas, photos for artist's albums, and nature.


130 day(s) ago
Fan-Guy, 38, Panama City, Florida, United States.
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37 year old Half Black and Filipino that loves Anime/Manga, Video games and comics. I am aslo IT Support at local hospital so I guess I am an all around nerd lol. I am going to college to get my Cyber Security Degree. I am single parent and my daughter is my life other than the nerdy stuff I just mentioned.


Fan-Guy, 27, Lexington, Kentucky, United States.
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I'm your average non-videogame gamer minus the temper tantrums. I love me some Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder, all sorts of board games, etc. and so forth.

I am also an artist! I draw things. That's a thing I do. yep.

My other hobbies include cartoons, writing notes about my fantasy setting, and some video games but not many.


Fan-Gal, 23, Covina, California, United States.
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I'm 19 and a full-time student studying Food Science. I wouldn't say I'm a super geek, but then again I don't really have anyone to really geek out with. I am the type of girl who is totally down with binge watching shows on Netflix, but I also like going on adventures. I love taking a drive on hot summer nights to the beach, or really anywhere and just having a good time. I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. Some of my favorite things to make are homemade pretzels, cheez-its and macaroni and cheese. I don't really know what else I'm supposed to put here, but message me if you have any questions.


Fan-Gal, 41, Arlington, Texas, United States.
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I am a single mom to two awesome kids, one boy and one girl. I'm the girl you'll find reading at the bar or sitting on the floor at the bookstore.