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  • by Kitsunelily,
    Oct 13 2013 at 10:54pm
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    Category: Geektastic
    Geeks in Love

    One of my favorite geek videos. Lyrics by Lemon Demon

  • by DsneyC88,
    Oct 13 2013 at 03:13pm
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    Category: Gameplay
    Ash Co-Ops: Portal 2 with Dana

    So my friend and I played portal together. We had a few audio concerns due to mic issues. But it was still fun. :-) I'm the screen shown.

  • by DsneyC88,
    Oct 13 2013 at 03:09pm
    Views: 1348
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    Category: Gameplay
    Bad Web Cam Video

    So I do LP's to pass the time and to edit videos because I enjoy doing it. Sometimes I'm more lazy while other times I do a good job. This was one...

  • by missladyebe,
    Oct 11 2013 at 01:54pm
    Views: 328
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    Category: My SoulGeek Self
    i will find u push

    I want to meet this trash can one u will all see -evil laugh-

  • by Rikinana,
    Oct 9 2013 at 11:39am
    Views: 186
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  • by Eros2Ares,
    Sep 3 2013 at 05:28pm
    Views: 2016
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    Category: Geektastic

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