My first time online dating.

My first time online dating.


Dec 10 2016 at 08:27pm
Hey this is the first I ever tried online dating and I'm usually not the person to spark conversation. But I the thought a website like this will help me out my shell and get me out my comfort zone. So I ask, my I get to know you? I'm hoping to find a girl how shares my same loves and interests. Who enjoys videogames, anime, manga, comics and etc.
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Dec 14 2016 at 02:06pm
Welcome. The best advice I can offer is being persistent. But there are some things in real life that apply to dating in the online world. So if you feel ignored by someone you've messaged, just move onto the next one[unless you want to be a creeper].

This is a smaller community and we're all spread out; but don't let that discourage you. While I've only met one person in real life, we live in two different states. Although I'm hearing the people in Cali have an easier time. lol

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Feb 17 2017 at 03:58am
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