Any disney fans?

Any disney fans?


Jan 10 2016 at 09:21pm
Are any of you fans of Disney or at least a fan of some movies or some of their characters?


Jan 16 2016 at 12:55am
Goofy, h-yuck h-yucke.


Apr 25 2016 at 09:56pm
I have a bigger crush on TinkerBell than...I should probably admit o_o


Mar 22 2017 at 10:46pm
Disney is a very big part of my childhood :D


Apr 6 2017 at 05:11pm
I used to deny my love for Disney until one day I realized it was stupid now I don't deny how much I love it.

Belle's my favourite though I always wanted her library.


Apr 9 2017 at 07:46am
I'm a big fan of the Lion King. The disney Movies with animals as main characters are my favorites: The Aristocats, Dalmatians, The Fox and the Hound, Oliver & Company. You get the deal.
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Apr 26 2017 at 07:23pm
I love Disney! <3


May 3 2017 at 06:28pm
Oh man definitely! I'm probably more of a fan of Disney during the 70's-80's. But ironically my favorite Disney movie is Aladdin which is from the 90's.


Jun 21 2017 at 12:46pm
Oh yeha totally! I love Disney movies and some of the series on their channels. ( Disney channel, XD You get it) When I was younger my favourite movies were 100 Dalmatians, the Lion king and Aristocats.
I still love those movies but now they share the spot with Treasure planet and the lost empire of Atlantis. :-)


Jun 22 2017 at 01:04am
Definitely!!! I really like The Little Mermaid! I love a lot of their animated movies!!!!


Jun 28 2017 at 11:27pm
Yep. Mostly just the movies though personally. Never got heavy into the Disney Channel. Though i guess Goof Troop, Duck Tales, and Darkwing Duck are also part of my childhood lol.

Everything from Snow White and Pinocchio to Tangled and Brave. Naturally also including Pixar and Studio Ghibli.


Jul 2 2017 at 03:10pm
Disney is very good. I watch a lot of their newer films. My favorite is probably Mulan, Brave or Hercules. For me I adore most of the music in the films.


Sep 11 2017 at 03:02pm
hate to admit it but whenever i'm bored at work i sing songs usually Disney.


Apr 4 2018 at 02:15pm
I love Disney! I’m a huge Disney fan and not ashamed!!! I have a Disney playlist on Spotify that I listen to all the time. I have a TON of DVD’s and still have some VHS’s.


May 27 2018 at 10:24pm