favorite sci-fi tv show

favorite sci-fi tv show


Jan 10 2016 at 09:01pm
what's your favorite sci-fi tv show?

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Jan 16 2016 at 09:28am
Just one?!? Not even a...top five or top three or so? =-O

Well, let's keep it classic then: Firefly. *YAHOO*


Mar 4 2016 at 05:21am
For me, I gotta go with Babylon 5.

"I live for the One, I die for the One."


Apr 29 2016 at 08:34am
I've had many over the years... Loved Firefly (they really need to bring it back)... Stargate... ST:TNG... Supernatural... Agents of Shield... right now its gotta be The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow... both are turning out to be great shows! But all in all, I think the Walking Dead rules them all!


Jul 4 2016 at 08:50pm
Dr. Who, Agent's of Shield, Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow......


Aug 2 2016 at 06:12am
All things Star Trek and many others ...

FFly, Agents of Shield, The Flash, SGSG1 & Atlantis.... others ...


Nov 3 2016 at 07:27pm
Quote (jjpayneomatic * Jan 10, 2016 21:01)

what's your favorite sci-fi tv show?

"Total Recall 2070"
Set in a perfect recreation of a Phillip K. Dick universe.
It ran for a single season.


Dec 22 2016 at 07:52pm
Hi there, new person here.

Right now my obsession is Orphan Black. But there is so much out there now, it's really hard to pin down! I mean, I get excited when the new Doctor Who is announced, but you don't want to be within squee range when I find out when the next new Clone Club episode is coming.